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Paint Parties, Art & Craft Classes 

Book your  Private 
 Paint  Party

Need a break from the everyday crazies or do you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends? If so book us for fun relaxing night of painting.

Homeschool & After School
Art  Academy

Art Academy classes are held once a week for the duration of the school semester. Young artists are encouraged to use their imagination and create unique pieces of art. Each month we will be learning a new technique to create a painting or craft project.

Class  size is limited to 6.

Kid's Summer Art & Craft Camps

Summer Art & Craft  Classes

With our Summer Art Passport your kid's will be able to choose the class they want to attend, this gives you the flexibility to schedule classes around vacations, sporting activities and other things that may arise. Several classes are offered to each age group to choose from. Do one class or three classes a week, it's up to you.

We do Kid's Birthday Parties

Let us do the work, and clean up the mess. 

Kid's love our painting birthday parties, they choose the painting from our large selection of age appropriate painting's and we walk them through each step so they can take home a painting they are proud of. We even offer an additional time for presents and treats. We can also create a painting if you have something specific in mind. 

Untitled design (12).jpg
Teen Paint Parties    

Is your teen is looking for something different to do with their friends? We have them covered. Join us for a fun date night or Saturday day date before the dance, or maybe they just want to do something fun with their friends or have a friend's night out. We offer a variety of paintings they can choose from to make their experience fun with up to 12 guests.

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