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About Us

Are you tired of hearing, “I’m bored”? Do you need a “Girls Night Out”? Or do you want a change from the same old dinner and movie date night? If so, we have the solution. At WonkyDoodles we offer fun, family friendly Paint Parties for all ages. No experience, no problem. With our easy step-by-step instructions anyone can paint and you’ll be able to complete your masterpiece in one, short class. We also offer a Homeschool and After School Art Academy where kids meet once a week for several weeks, Pick Your Painting Classes, Summer Paint & Craft Classes & Camps for kids, Flow & Resin Art Classes, Open Studio times and Birthday Parties. So gather your friends and host a Paint Party or join one of ours for a fun creative adventure.

OUR MISSION is to Encourage Creativity, Build Confidence and Promote Happiness, one masterpiece at a time.

Brenda is a wife, mother of four, grandma to eleven and creator of WonkyDoodles. Her passion for everything creative started at a very young age. Drawing portraits and floor plans  of her dream home was her first love that brought happiness into her life and sparked a life long desire to create. Over the years she learned to sew, paint murals and learn numerous kinds of crafting skills, building her excitement and giving her satisfaction when she creates something from nothing. She finds being creative to be very therapeutic, relaxing and healing for the soul in this crazy, busy world. She feels her talents were a gift given to her to share with others and she’s looking forward to sharing them with you.

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